Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is my passion and it can guide a person towards the right path. I believe if you are meant to experience it – you definitely will.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. What are Tarot Cards?

Answer: Tarot Cards consist of a deck of 78 Cards, each depicting beautiful, colorful & meaningful images. They may provide guidance for any pressing question that you have. Just like the playing cards, Tarot Cards are also divided into 4 Suits or Types – Wands, Swords, Cups & Pentacles. Each of the 78 cards represents a positive and a negative meaning and this is collectively interpreted by a Tarot Card Reader.

2. How is Tarot Card Reading conducted?

Answer: Tarot Card Reading is a Guiding Method. The way it works is, a person thinks about a question/issue while shuffling the deck of Tarot Cards and then hands them over to tarot card reader. The tarot card reader accordingly places the cards in a particular sequence and interprets the meaning of the cards, thus providing an answer to the question. This is based on the belief that Tarot Cards recognize a person’s energy and while shuffling, they place themselves in a meaningful manner/sequence representing the past, present and future of a question, which can then be interpreted accurately by a tarot card reader. (During remote tarot reading – the tarot reader receives questions in advance and then shuffles the card on your behalf and if done via video conference, you can see and provide feedback when to start and stop shuffling).

3. Do all Tarot Card Readers use the same method?

Answer: No. Different Tarot Card Readers may have different method of using Tarot Cards. Some Tarot Card Readers do not allow the Cards to be touched by the enquirer but rather they place the cards themselves after listening to the question. Some shuffle & spread the cards themselves and ask the enquirer to pick up only one card from the deck. Some Tarot Card Readers may even place crystals, light an incense stick or candle besides the reading place, to enhance the accuracy of the reading. It all depends upon the belief system of individual tarot card readers.

4. How accurate are Tarot Cards predictions?

Answer: It is better to call Tarot Cards “guiding” tools than predicting tools. This is because once a prediction is made, it is assumed that it cannot be changed. However, in case of Tarot cards, it guides a person by providing clarity upon where things are going wrong and what can be done to improve the situation. It is recommended that a person follows the guidance received by Tarot Cards and treat it like an advice from a friend. Every genuine tarot card reader positively guides the enquirer towards better management of their issues.

How I Magically Got into Tarot Card Reading

This is how I got into Tarot Reading “Magically”.
One afternoon at the age of 20, I was watching a TV show which introduced a Tarot Card Reader who was answering queries from people by just shuffling and placing some cards in a specific sequence. What I particularly liked about it, was the spontaneity with which answers were provided to very basic and practical, day-to-day life questions. This was the first time I had heard about “Tarot” and my interest was sparked. Although I was not seriously thinking about becoming a tarot card reader then, I was curious and wanted to learn how it’s done and so I casually expressed this desire to my mom.
That same evening, when my Dad returned home from work, he had a bag that had a sparkling purple box in it, gift wrapped with golden paper, decorated with stars and moon, and on top of the box it read “Tarot Learning Kit”. I assumed my mom had told my dad about our conversation, but to my amazement she had not discussed this with my dad at all! In fact, she was as surprised as me! My Dad explained that his colleague who conducts seminar on alternative medicine and healing sciences received this “Tarot Kit” as a gift from a friend in London and since he didn’t know what to do with it, he gave it to my Dad for me.
And that’s it! It literally walked into my home from London, on the very day I mentioned “Tarot”. For me, this was a very strong signal. I felt like Universe was directly talking to me and telling me to do something. How could I ever ignore such a strong message? From a point of not knowing what “Tarot” is, to having it in my hands within a few hours of saying the word, was a completely overwhelming experience. Tarot is not an “everyday” thing and would hardly ever be a topic of general discussion, it’s not a common gift that people give each other and if this was a co-incidence, then a very rare one. Whatever one may call this, it felt like “Magic”.
I then went ahead and learnt how to conduct Tarot Card Reading. It’s been many years since I have been reading Tarot Cards for people and I feel a deep sense of contentment if someone acknowledges that it made a positive difference in their lives.

At the time I was learning Tarot Reading, one of the sessions included “Finding your purpose of life” and the card I drew for it, felt so right. It revealed that the purpose of my life is “To bring about a balance in other people’s lives” and I know I will do that with or without Tarot.